Build Presence was created by a collective of artists and activists. In 2015 we created pop-up spaces for study, political action, and artistic expression with the aim of providing a more communal, embodied experience for processing white supremacy and acting against it, as so much political education and expression takes place online. These images are from our first event, hosted in the Public Studio of Alexandria Eregbu at the Chicago Cultural Center. Subsequent events took place at Woman Made Gallery and via the Chicago Home Theater Festival. 

20 neighborhoods

Workshop led by Silvia Inés Gonzalez & Jeannette Perkal at Centro Autónomo in Albany Park

Neighborhood ephemera archive wall at the final exhibition

Collaborative installation led by Victoria Martinez

20 Neighborhoods was a two-year community-based workshop and exhibition series in partnership with twenty Chicago neighborhood, housing, arts, and social service organizations. Woman Made Gallery worked with 25 teaching artists to design curriculum around themes of self, family, community, and city. Over 100 women and youth participants worked together to create sculptures and design exhibitions across lines of neighborhood, ethnicity, gender, and ability.

Neighborhood gift exchange

In 2011 I created a 150-person, 2-day art-gift exchange and photo exhibition at Milwaukee Avenue Arts Festival.